who we are

welcome to Touchpoint

Touchpoint Interior Design Sdn Bhd (745339-V) was founded in 2001. Touchpoint is one of the few interior design companies that undertake contracted projects providing “services along the entire line”. The Company has won acclaims of its clients and is held in high esteem in the sector through its remarkable projects completed. It has become an interior design company much sought-after by corporations and housing developers.

We are glad to be awarded various types of projects primarily on the strength of a dynamic workforce who are full of drive and vigor in every project undertaken. Our clients will never be disappointed as we always strive to meet their expectations in the artistic designs or financial budgets. Our workforce has made outstanding performances over a span of just few years.

As a professional interior design company, Touchpoint undertakes a variety of projects that include commercial projects while in residential category there are detached bungalows, semi-detached houses, double-storey link houses, apartments and condominiums.

Building holds a leading position among the top ten arts in the world. Besides being involved in interior design, Touchpoint also undertakes building projects in pursuit of high level of architecture. We have a wealth of experience and carry out detailed planning from the basic work of drawing up building plans to the completion of the whole construction, implementing every part of the work planned.

With our professionalism and experience which has become Touchpoint’s important asset for future development, we have given trust and confidence to our clients. The fact that TouchPoint has been awarded numerous building projects of varying scales and varying extent of difficulty across the country bears testimony to the confidence our clients have in us. We have the confidence and professionalism to be entrusted with your project as it serves as another opportunity for us to exhibit our excellence.


Our Advantages.

We are involved in all phases of work along the entire construction line which is an advantage Touchpoint has over other competitors. From the drawing up of plans by our own designers to the implementation of every phase of construction work, we have our own technical team to take charge of, bringing about effective management of time and communication. This explains why all our work can be implemented smoothly and delivered as scheduled.

By undertaking the construction work solely with our own efforts, we can better lower the costs. For example, we may adopt the calculation method of “Cross-subsidy” flexibly in the selection of materials for cost efficiency while different projects can complement with each other to facilitate the smooth progress of the projects.










Architecture is a visual art, and the buildings speak for themselves.

Touchpoint equipped with the experience gained over these years has a quality management system of its own. It is ensured that through the stringent management and strict supervision in various stages, the highest level of quality in every project is achieved. Our superb quality has rewarded us with public acclaim.

Our experienced supervisors play the role of a guard in quality management. They will monitor every piece of work in the project to live up to the expectations of our clients. They form a formidable defense line in quality management for Touchpoint. Hence you can rest assured that with this line of defense in quality management, we will always deliver the best quality of work to you.

Touchpoint not only possesses professional techniques, but also has established professional spirit among us. We always try our best level in succeeding a project, whatever it may be, fulfilling our commitments in quality and efficiency as a way to requite our clients’ support and trust.

Mr Stanley

CEO , Founder